This is the spirit we have been working in since 2010, in the hydraulic field. Throughout the years we have directed our effort to achieve the best results in quality, reliability and development, and today our products are successfully utilized all over the world.


Our Inzago based factories cover a surface of 1000 square meters and include the manufacturing department, the research lab and the quality control department. We have a mission, we do not want to be just manufacturers of hydraulic parts. SPECIAL MACHINE.IT is in a position to devising, realizing and to personalize, in synergy with the customer, and components highly innovated for every type of employment, from the transports to the earth movement, from the building to agriculture, the ecology to the industrial systems SPECIAL MACHINE.IT is one truth in a position to forerunning the needs of a market in constant evolution.


SPECIAL MACHINE.IT bases the principle of its own development upon synergism with the costumer.

The slip ring series SR slip rings are designed for Carrying AC and DC electrical signals from a rotating platform to a stationary structure, or with the same contacts as gold plating surface treatment, are also suitable for carrying analog or digital signals. The main features of the Slip Ring Series of Power that the sliding contacts are realized in a nylon monofilament technology with different types of surface treatments that give it better electrical and mechanical performance than traditional metal grafite

Main features

1) Multifilament contact point with the surface of the rotating ring 2) Contact surface that does not require lubrication and low dynamic contact resistance (noise). 3) Long operational life and low contact force. 4) High compaction of the rotor and stator 5) High current densities allowed and wide dynamic range of low currents electrical resistivity 6) Very low generation of debris. Wide range of operating temperatures, good environmental conditions (no oxidation), high sliding speeds. . The slip ring structures are entirely made of aluminum Marine Anticorodal /steel AISI 316l The product for its ease in construction can be assembled internally with different ring sizes and sliding contacts, in order to optimize space and installation times.

  • Large aperture macro lens.
  • Optical stabilization compensates for camera shake.
  • Carrying case, lens hood, front & rear caps.




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